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Now my vpn doesn't work. LimeVPN is a Hong Kong based service that manages and maintains their entire server network. They have tough protocols and cheap prices! See the review now!

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LimeVPN is under the jurisdiction of Singapore, which operates under the Personal Data Protection Act (2012). That means organizations cannot collect, use, or disclose user data to third-party sources. Proposed updates to PDPA will make it even more comprehensive. LimeVPN is a VPN provider based out of Hong Kong.

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For this reason, the website seems to be down for a lot of computers. If you cannot access LimeVPN’s site, we recommend opting for our #1 recommended VPN, NordVPN, instead.

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LimeVPN is a VPN provider based out of Hong Kong. They create their own software and write 100% of their server hardware to deliver great speeds. They have servers across the world including places like Canada, Japan, France, China, the United Kingdon, USA, Russia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Australia. Soil pH indicates how acidic the dirt is.

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It doesn’t have that many servers which causes it to get slower than expected sometimes, but otherwise it works pretty well and guys from support are super helpful. LimeVPN est Potentiellement Rapide – Si Vous Parvenez à le Faire Marcher (Je n’ai pas Pu Pendant 3 Semaines !) LimeVPN offre une option de bande passante dédiée de 1 Gbps, mais vous devrez vous abonner au plan Pro qui est cher. Avec une bande passante dédiée, la surcharge ne sera pas un problème. AVOID LIME VPN - You cannot cancel AVOID LIME VPN. I signed up and had some really issued trying to get it working on my Mac. Emailed their support and said they would help but couldn't. Asked to cancel and then got NO RESPONSE. Every month they are charging me the monthly fee.

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LimeVPN worked like a charm the first time I tried it and its been 6 months now and I’m still using it, I am impressed it gives enough bandwidth for normal internet usage, it is fast, reliable, user friendly and offer access to unlimited IP addresses, a feature which is restricted even with the top-rated VPN services out there. Milliseconds away, no matter where you are or want to be. LimeVPN Prime’s global network of high performance dedicated VPN servers are carefully positioned to reduce latency, increase speed and bypass geo-restrictions. What can Lime VPN do for you?

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